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I go by Charm or Hika.
I draw lotsa junk and I spazz alot and reblog random shit. Yeah. Nice to meet you.

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Anonymous: hella

who’re ya

Anonymous: Can you tell me who these people are in this post? post/93436411853/takumeh-ce-un-senso-di-te Sorry for bothering you. I was just wondering because of the Italian phrase attached to it. >///<

Hi, Anon! I didn’t notice this ask until now. Tumblr y u no notify omfg but uhmmm they are mine and my friend's original characters. * v *

sig for work i did a few months ago

idk I wanted to do a ship i haven’t done in 40ever and a different slighlty more angled drawin so
love me charmish

 c’è un senso di te
Still didnt have anything to do at work today so just made these. Trying out photoshop effects to achieve high contrast lighting huehesaw these scenes on my way home this morning