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I go by Charm or Hika.
I draw lotsa junk and I spazz alot and reblog random shit. Yeah. Nice to meet you.

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Still didnt have anything to do at work today so just made these. Trying out photoshop effects to achieve high contrast lighting huehesaw these scenes on my way home this morning
Close the distance. Take a leap of faith.
did this yesterday but couldn’t save it in SAI so had to edit it in photoshop at work.
My baka grandson and girls in his life…that I know of HAEAHAFAFa. A bit of style test and getting used to my tablet again. Took a break after finishing a comm i cry i really want to draw personal stuff ughhhh

Ara gave me a chance and I took it. I took it real hard— //KICKED
Sweetie Aranyan made such a fluffu fluffu pic for her part of the sketch trade AHUEEEEHHHHHHHH so I thought I’d return it with an appropriate theme for HakuLessia- and it’s what you see up there atm.//ehesmile;;;
please don’t kill me gomen for butchering aaiYAHHHHHHH //ROLLS AWAY IN SHAISHAI-
You won’t be forgotten.
commission for teuffelssorry for the delay and thank you //// I really had fun drawing this character! 
Anonymous: Lyly Elliot 16


OMF ELLYRIA I MISS THEM SO MUCH— It’s a repeat palette but I like how it ended up ♥ u